Why Our Customers Choose Blackbird

We cater for those who pride themselves on being an individual and are interested in the aesthetic value of their motorcycle gear as well as a quality product. Our gear is designed for those who don’t want to wear mass produced ‘brand’ clothing.

Our customers appreciate quality tailored products that are designed to meet the requirements of year round riders. They are prepared to pay for quality features we encompass in our jackets, and want to be seen as an individual.

We want to give you an alternative product in terms of fashion, design, and usability on and off the bike. We also want to provide you with a quality product. Below is more information about our gear.

About the Leather

Cowhide is the most popular leather used for motorcycle clothing due to its toughness and durability as well as its resistance to water and dirt. Leather is very strong and has a high resistance level to tears. The comfort provided by most leather clothing is due in part to leather’s ability to combine breathing and insulating properties. Leather adjusts constantly to its environment. Because it is a natural product, leather “breathes” freely, maintaining a comfort level in all seasons.

Our range of leather motorcycle jackets are made from top grain, natural milled cowhide with thickness of 1.1 – 1.3mm.

To explain further, top grain cowhide refers to the best upper section of the hide. It remains in its natural state which allows superior fibre strength, resulting in greater durability. The natural grain also has breathability, resulting in greater comfort for clothing. The appearance of this leather will also improve with age.

The thickness of the hide provides various levels of abrasion resistance for a rider. 1.1-1.3mm is considered optimal thickness for quality motorcycle wear. For this reason, the thin nature of sheepskin leather jackets found in many fashion stores are not suitable rider wear.

Natural milled leather is a process where the leather is put into a “dry drum,” with no chemicals and tumbled to soften the fibres within the skins. The tumbling softens the leather. This is completely natural and shows the pureness of the leather being used. For this reason, our range of motorcycle jackets are immediately comfortable, and don’t require the ‘break-in’ period.

Facts about our Waterproof Fabric

Reissa® is a functional fabric with breathable membrane with high sensitivity concerning weather conditions. It is an advanced textile with a highly developed specific polyurethane resin coating or membrane. This technology creates an extremely thin waterproof coating or membrane that is light weight for wearing comfort but extremely durable. It is highly resistant to rain, wind and snow while maintaining breathability. It is very flexible and has a comfortable soft touch.   This fabric is currently used in our Sahara & Savanna Jackets.

Manufacturers typically describe the waterproof breathability of fabrics in millimetres (mm) and is a measure of how waterproof a fabric is. The higher the number, the more waterproof the fabric.

The fabric we currently use for our Mondello Wincheater and Ladies British Trench has a waterproof rating of 10000mm which falls into the following category of protection of 'Light to Moderate' rain.

Protective Liners in our Fabric Jackets

All our fabric jackets have a protective inner liner made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers. Kevlar is used for abrasion resistance naturally found in our leather products.

CE Armour – is certified european standards armour. We use PU rubber CE armour where possible as we have found this to be the most comfortable and easy to wear armour. Some of our lighter fabric range of clothing have a foam CE armour, as it is lighter weight and more suitable for these jackets. All our armour is placed in velcro pockets and easily removed if required.

Finishing Features –our zips are original YKK zips. YKK are the largest manufacturer of quality zips and used worldwide. As a rider, you don’t want inferior quality zips letting you down when you need it most.

Double stitching – is used on our garments to add strength to areas where stress is placed on the seams.