Spring Cycle: The Season of Change

In the Southern Hemisphere the weather is on the turn. New leaves are on the trees, the days are getting longer and the warmth is on our backs. Its time to hit the road for a sunny Sunday in Spring motorcycle ride and you just can’t wait but how do we dress?

It’s cold if we head out first thing, it’s hot during the middle of the day and the wind picks up in the afternoon and the evening chill has a bit of bite.

But what is the alternative, not go for a ride, please… so be prepared for the changeability of Spring with out top 5 tips for a spring day’s ride:

1. We suggest layers that you can remove as the weather heats up. A tshirt, a motorcycle hoodie or vest and a motorcycle jacket.

2. Consider lightweight gloves or leather gloves with perforated holes to allow ventilation where you can still wear liners if its cool.

3. Bike check – if you haven’t ridden for a while, give your bike the once over – tyres, brakes, oil, mirrors etc.  You don’t want to spoil your ride on a beautiful spring day.

4.    Pop a face warmer under you seat just in case the wind picks up in the afternoon.

5. Pack wet weather gear, you never know how the weather may change.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and ride. Remember, 2 Wheels Move The Soul.

Happy (Spring) Riding!

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