Motorbike Gear 101

Here is our advice on what motorcycle gear every new rider needs and how much they should look to spend to set themselves up.

Got yourself a new motorbike or scooter? passed your L plates and ready to start riding? You need motorbike gear. Remember that our number 1 priority as riders is to keep ourselves safe and that means protection.

You are going to want to get yourself:

  1. A helmet ($200+)
  2. Riding gloves ($50-$150)
  3. A protective jacket ($200-$500)
  4. Wet weather outerwear ($100+)
  5. Riding Pants (optional) ($50-$200)
  6. Motorcycle boots (optional) ($100-300)

Yes new gear is expensive but if we want to keep ourselves protected you can’t just wing it. Think of a cost per wear if that helps. Buy a $400 jacket, but wear it a few days a week commuting to work, and/or with our gear,  wear it off the bike as well!   Overtime it is well worth the initial spend and you won’t regret it if you ever are unlucky to come off your bike.

We aren’t all moto GP racers and don’t need to dress like one but you want to make sure your gear is protective and not just comfy/warm/stylish. Tips from our own Blackbird Motorcycle family include:

  • Your gear at first should be snug, not too loose and you shouldn’t feel too comfortable. If you have leather gear it will stretch so don’t worry if it feels a bit tight.
  • Wear your gloves and boots around the house a bit to wear them in.
  • Look after your jacket, when not using it, hang it up in a cool dry place.
  • Care for your helmet like it is a new born baby. It has the important job of protecting your head, don’t drop your helmet EVER. It will need replacing if you do.
  • Keep your wet weather outerwear with your bike if you can, rain can happen anytime. Our waterproof jackets are a good option too.
  • When you notice damage or wear and tear in your gear, it might be time to replace it.

Hopefully this guide helps you get started, stay safe and on the road enjoying your new ride.

Happy riding!


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