How Many Motorcycle Jackets Should I Own?

Firstly, Happy new Year everyone! All of us here at Blackbird Motorcycle Wear hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

My question for you to consider this month is: How Many Motorcycle Jackets Should I Own?

Some instantly reply 1 leather motorcycle jacket but I would argue that sometimes it is too hot to wear a Leather Jacket or it could have poured with rain on your last ride so what do you wear when your good Leather Motorcycle Jacket is out of action?

I recommend 3 Jackets:

1 – A Good Leather Motorcycle Jacket – the classic motorcycle accessory, it is hard wearing, naturally weather proof (*to a certain extent) and should last you years and years.   Ideally something you can wear off the bike too!

2 – A Motorcycle Hoodie Jacket for warmer weather when you don’t want to wear your leathers. It still provides you some protection but without the bulk, a must for Australian summers (40 degrees celcius today!)   Cotton, denim or breathable soft-shell with a protective liner is ideal for warm weather – the lighter weight is more comfortable and can act as an extra layer off the bike should the weather change.

3 – A fur or fleece lined motorcycle jacket for the cooler months when you need added layers. Whilst your Leather Motorcycle Jacket would work fine, having the fleece lining reduces the number of layers you need to wear and allows for more ease of movement when riding.  These jackets are so cozy you wont want to take them off!

As always you should care for your Jackets to keep them in the best condition and to ensure they last for years and years.

How many do you have?

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