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The 5 Best tips for trans-seasonal motorcycle riding

Trans-seasonal dressing for motorbike rides can be difficult. You head out in the morning, cold to the bone and then in the afternoon you are taking off layers because you’re hot. Here are my best ways to master trans-seasonal riding and what to wear to keep you comfy. 1: A leather jacket for MOST seasons […]


How do I choose the right motorcycle jacket?

How do I choose the right motorcycle jacket? Your time should be spent out on the road enjoying the ride. So if it’s the first time you are buying a motorcycle jacket, the process can be quite time consuming. There is a lot of gear out there so it can be difficult to find the […]


Some of The Best Motorbike Rides in Australia

I started talking to people recently about their favourite rides around Australia and wanted to share this list with you. I know everyone has an opinion on what makes up a great ride but this is just about a fun ride that isn’t your regular commute. It helps you forget about traffic, enjoy taking corners […]


How Many Motorcycle Jackets Should I Own?

Firstly, Happy new Year everyone! All of us here at Blackbird Motorcycle Wear hope you are enjoying the holiday season. My question for you to consider this month is: How Many Motorcycle Jackets Should I Own? Some instantly reply 1 leather motorcycle jacket but I would argue that sometimes it is too hot to wear […]


Who wouldn’t want motorbike gear for Christmas?

Well we have made it to the end of the year and for most of us that means holidays. The shop are getting busier, there are children already on holidays from school, and people start to wind down from a busy year that was. Trying to think about what to get loved ones as gifts? […]


Motorbike Gear 101

Here is our advice on what motorcycle gear every new rider needs and how much they should look to spend to set themselves up. Got yourself a new motorbike or scooter? passed your L plates and ready to start riding? You need motorbike gear. Remember that our number 1 priority as riders is to keep […]


On Trend: Shearling Style Motorbike Gear

From Runway to the Fast lane, Shearling Jackets have long been a fashion style that looks great both on and off the bike. First appearing on the collars of US pilot bomber jackets in the 1940’s, the shearling collar is back on trend. Our shearling style motorbike gear has been inspired by the runways and […]


Spring Cycle: The Season of Change

In the Southern Hemisphere the weather is on the turn. New leaves are on the trees, the days are getting longer and the warmth is on our backs. Its time to hit the road for a sunny Sunday in Spring motorcycle ride and you just can’t wait but how do we dress? It’s cold if […]


Help Dad look good this Father’s Day

Father’s Day in Australia is the first Sunday in September. This year that makes it 4 September. We have given you our list of the top 5 sellers on our website which we hope will inspire you to help dad look cool this Father’s Day. 1. Waterproof Hoodie – Our waterproof hoodie not only looks […]


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