Our Story

Helping customers find a jacket they love, and knowing they have found a style that reflects their bike, lifestyle and personality as well as providing a level of protection is a rewarding experience.

When we first began riding, we found there was little choice in protective clothing we were happy to wear. The styles were all similar, at odds with current fashion, unflattering and bulky. The very small amount of women’s wear available seemed to be men’s designs with the addition of an embroidered flower or pink stripe.

We had invested time and money finding the right motorcycle to suit our riding needs, however we couldn’t find any protective gear to match these needs or style. There were some choices from international stores online, however, we were reluctant to pay large shipping fees more than once if the motorcycle jackets were unsuitable. It was frustrating to say the least. Protective qualities can be adapted into any style so there was no good reason for the limited, old fashioned styles available.

We did some extensive searches, both online and in stores… which eventually lead us to manufacturers specialising in motorcycle clothing. Over many months we crafted and detailed a number of designs reflecting current trends which then resulted into some stylish, protective motorcycle jackets could easily be worn on or off the bike as street wear.

On receiving the sample jackets, we revisited some of the stores where we had struggled to find motorcycle jackets originally. Some of the stores immediately agreed to purchase the jackets! We also received great feedback and support from some of these stores. It inspired us to create an online store and attend shows where we had a chance to meet customers and help them choose the right jacket for them and receive direct feedback.

Originally we wanted to provide a choice in stylish gear for women. There was almost nothing available and there was a definite gap in the market for riders who wanted to ‘look good and ride safe’.

Repeated requests from men for similar line of gear eventuated in providing a mens range as well.

On and off the bike… our customers are now able to wear protective clothing that also reflects their style, on and off the bike. They can fee safe in the knowledge that the gear has protective qualities for riding but have had not had to compromise on style. Our jackets may also be worn off the bike as street wear and so provide a dual purpose.

We hope our customers love their motorcycle jacket and enjoy wearing it for many years to come. The more they wear their jacket, the more it becomes part of them and like a ‘second skin’. We hope it becomes their favourite item for riding, and perhaps off the bike too.