The 5 Best tips for trans-seasonal motorcycle riding

Trans-seasonal dressing for motorbike rides can be difficult. You head out in the morning, cold to the bone and then in the afternoon you are taking off layers because you’re hot. Here are my best ways to master trans-seasonal riding and what to wear to keep you comfy.

1: A leather jacket for MOST seasons

Of course in the middle of Summer (particularly where we are in Sydney, Australia)  you would probably want to give the leathers a miss and go for a protective cotton jacket or denim/leather combo to lighten the heat levels.  However, for the remainder of the year a leather motorcycle jacket is the perfect way to stay warm, safe and comfortable on your ride.

2: A face warmer or scarf on hand

Its an easy thing to just throw in the bottom of your carry bag and a great way to combat sometime unpredictable trans-seasonal weather. That way you have it on hand should the weather turn cold or windy.


3: Lighten up your jackets

If you are fortunate enough to have multiple riding jackets, one with a removable lining can make trans seasonal riding that much better. If you know it is going to be a cool day, leave the lining in place but should the weather man have lead you wrong that day you can take out the lining and still be good to go.

4: As with fashion, layering is key

Layering in fashion, means to dress light with layer over layer so that you can remove layers as and when you need. This also applies to riding, set off in the morning for a day trip in your shirt, jacket, face warmer and gloves. You may even need thermals or a jumper for the particularly cold mornings but towards the middle of the day, you know that you can take off some of the layers to keep on riding without regretting your clothing choice earlier that morning.

5:  Gloves with perforations

Whilst keeping your hands safe, the holes allow for airflow and stop your hands from getting too hot. A nice worn in pair of leather gloves is great all year round but keep the perforated gloves for the trans seasonal and warmer months of the year.

Happy Riding, whatever the destination (and Season!)

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